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Welcome to the International Federation of Spirits Producers

In 1998, European Union customs officials seized 1 million counterfeit items at border points. Within ten years, the annual haul had grown to over 250 million items, and continues to rise.

Counterfeit poses a growing threat to everyone involved with spirits. Consumers’ health is at risk from adulterated product. Retailers and bar owners lose business when counterfeit spirits are uncovered. Forgeries seriously erode a premium brand’s credentials, endangering the livelihood of those who make and market it and the investment of their shareholders. It was to protect people like these that the International Federation of Spirits Producers (“IFSP”) was formed in 1993, and while IFSP has grown since then, our mission remains the same today.

IFSP has come to be acknowledged by both the public and private sectors as the leading authority on counterfeit spirits. Active in over 30 countries, we can call on more than 150 anti-counterfeit professionals. Our membership comprises nine of the world’s leading spirit groups. Their brands account for a third of all global spirits sales most threatened by counterfeit, and include many of the industry’s best-known names. The Federation’s non-competitive basis means our members share information and resources to combat counterfeit, which we’re doing to great effect.

In 2008/2009, IFSP organised over 800 training seminars in counterfeit recognition for law-enforcement agents around the world. We helped with more than 5,500 regulatory visits to wholesale and retail outlets. Our investigations led to the closure of more than 420 counterfeit-production and -distribution facilities last year and the seizure and destruction of over 5.5 million counterfeit-related items. If these facilities had continued to operate, they would have produced around 730 thousand cases of counterfeit spirits during the year, diverting well over a hundred million dollars of revenue away from the spirits industry and tax authorities into criminal hands.

We hope you find this website a useful source of information on IFSP and how we combat the threat from counterfeit spirits. The site is intended primarily for IFSP members and those involved in the spirits industry, but we welcome interest from anyone concerned by the dangers of counterfeit. It’s by raising awareness that we can best protect all those whose health or livelihoods are at risk from this menace.


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