Report a counterfeit issue

If you would like to inform IFSP about a suspected counterfeit issue, please complete the form below, attaching any pictures or zip files. Then click the "send" button. Should you prefer not to identify yourself, this form can be completed anonymously, although this may make it more difficult for IFSP to assess the information you have provided.

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  4. High-definition, close-up photographs are best - of the whole bottle, the cap, and the front and back labels. If you have photographed any numbers that are visible on the bottle or labels, please also include them in your message.
  5. You can upload up to 5 pictures with a maximum size of 4MB each, or alternatively a ZIP file with a maximum size of 20MB. Please submit pictures in JPEG format only. If your files exceed the maximum size or are in another format, please let us know about this by completing this form and including some way to contact you. We will find a solution and come back to you.
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