Branded distilled spirits are an attractive target for counterfeiters.

Spirits counterfeiters are criminal opportunists who look to make a large profit from a high value product by cheating buyers and disregarding any risks their counterfeits might pose to consumers.

On-premise substitution and re-filling of branded bottles with a cheaper spirit

In IFSP's experience, the vast majority of bars and restaurants treat their customers and business partners with respect and serve the brand that has been ordered and paid for. Bars and other establishments that substitute one brand with another, cheaper brand in order to profit from the deception are breaking the law. They are defrauding their customers, damaging the reputation of the substituted brands, and competing unfairly with the majority of honest establishments. 

IFSP’s members believe strongly that customers should feel confident when they pay for a drink that they are getting the brand that they ordered.  As with all other forms of counterfeiting, IFSP works closely with law enforcement and regulatory agencies to combat substitution and the re-filling of branded bottles with inferior products.