Use the IFSP website to report any information or suspicions you may have about counterfeit spirits.

The IFSP offers a simple reporting option for anyone who encounters suspicious products or activities relating to counterfeit spirits.

The easiest way to report your suspicions is by filling in the online form, which you can access by clicking on ‘Report a Counterfeit Issue’. Simply write your message in the appropriate field, and, if you don't wish to remain anonymous, fill in your contact details where prompted. You can also upload pictures, zip files and/or video files here, if available.

Your message is sent directly to IFSP's anti-counterfeit professionals, who analyse the information in order to determine the next steps and if appropriate, inform the local authorities to initiate an investigation.

Your information can play a crucial role in the fight against counterfeit spirits. We appreciate any infromation you share with IFSP, because together, we can help to remove the menace of illegal counterfeit spirits from the market.